Sep 5, 2017

We're back at the community center!

Please join us at the Mt. Scott Community Center this Wednesday, September 6th, at 6:30 pm for our general meeting.

Meeting Agenda

Aug 22, 2017

Final Development Meeting for 72Foster

72Foster is in the final stages of permit review and finance closing, and construction is expected to start on the site in late September. In anticipation of work beginning on site REACH Community Development will be holding a final neighborhood meeting to discuss the construction schedule, work hours, and protocol for reporting any site issues. Additionally, this meeting will serve to answer any remaining questions and to introduce the general contractor, LMC.

Date: Tuesday, August 29th
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Portland Mercado (inside the market)

Jul 6, 2017

Host a block party! It's so easy this year...

Photo published for How To Party With Your Neighbors - Southeast Uplift

The City of Portland and your Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association made planning a block party this summer easier (and cheaper) than ever before. If you plan ahead, you can take over the street for a night of games, cookouts and connecting with neighbors. There are a wealth of resources for making your block party easy to organize, full of ways to build community, and easy on our environment, too!

1) Check the great party planning and permitting resources provided online by the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation that make it easy to close down the street.  Start by visiting PBOT's Block Party website ( to get the basics down.  Southeast Uplift, our Neighborhood Coalition, has some great resources too.

2) If you're in the MSANA Neighborhood Boundaries, sign up to borrow the barriers the City requires for closing a street. (No rental fees, just return them when you're done!)  Currently, they're available almost every weekend this summer (except this weekend (July 8) and August 5. Contact Meghan Humphreys ( to reserve the barriers.

3) If you want to host your block party as an official National Night Out event (between July 28 and August 8) the deadline to sign up your event is Tuesday, July 18th.  The City of Portland has instructions on how to do that at  This is a great option if you want police/firefighters to stop by your event and meet neighbors.

4) Make the gathering green!  Cut the waste, prevent the plastic, and incorporate things that get the kids enjoying the nature our neighborhoods afford -- use this Green Block Parties guide for some fun ideas.

Apr 30, 2017

Board Meeting and Elections this Wednesday at the Portland Mercado

Hey Neighbors the agenda for May's meeting is up! We'll get an update on the Foster Streetscape Plan, hear about a healthy kids initiative, and have board elections.

Remember next Saturday is the Clean-Up event. Clean your porches and bring us your junk! 9am to 2:30pm at Arleta School. No hazardous or construction materials please.

Agenda2017.03.05 by Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association on Scribd

Apr 12, 2017

What did we talk about at the April 2017 Board meeting?

Thanks to Mt. Scott Learning Center for hosting us for the April 2017 Board meeting. See below for the minutes - includes details about upcoming sewer replacement projects, the May 5 Neighborhood Cleanup, and other goings-on:

Apr 6, 2017

Neighborhood Clean-Up

Happy Spring Neighbors:

It is time for our biggest fundraiser of the year!

Neighborhood Clean-Up 
Saturday, May 6th from 9:00am to 2:30pm
 Arleta School (SE 66th and Mitchell St.). 

$10.00 for a carload
$20-25 for a van
$25-40 for a trailer

Sheesh, what a bargain and just a few blocks away. Get your junk together folks and come on down!  Remember, we will turn away items that are hazardous (see poster below for more information).

A big thanks to Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association, Southeast Uplift, Portland Bureau of Sustainability, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, and Metro.

Mar 1, 2017

What happened at the March Neighborhood Association Meeting?

Lots of great ideas and new directions were discussed at the March 1st meeting tonight.  Issues including our upcoming May Neighborhood Cleanup, the Arleta Triangle, and a new brand and logo for our neighborhood AND the Triangle were discussed.  Want all the details?  Read on:

Feb 22, 2017

Neighborhood Meeting -- March 1st 6:30pm at Portland Mercado

Grab some grub at the carts and meet us inside in the large community room for our March meeting next Wednesday at 6:30pm. Learn about the progress of the sewer project happening the neighborhood, and how you can help with our Neighborhood Clean-Up later this spring. We need volunteers to help us with logistics, canvassing, and day of activities! Read the agenda.

Agenda2017.03.01 by Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association on Scribd

Feb 3, 2017

What happened at the February 2017 Board Meeting?

The Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association Board, and many neighbors, met on Tuesday for our monthly Board meeting.  Want to know what got discussed?  Skim the minutes and find out!

Jan 30, 2017

Oct 10, 2016

Crime prevention, volunteering and a City Commissioner visit!

The Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association October board meeting was packed full of opportunities to get involved this month, as well as a detailed discussion of crime prevention and problem-solving around livability issues.  See what we talked about:

October 5, 2016 – Mt Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association Board minutes
Board members in attendance: Gus Cole-Kroll, Erika Wilson, Andrew Cecka, Scott Vala, Daniel Portis-Cathers, Nicole Green, Meghan Humphreys, Jed Roberts (plus about 20 additional attendees)

Solar power letter of support for Environment Oregon.  This would be showing support for household solar and community solar.  The idea would be that anyone who does not have appropriate roof space or were low-income could still benefit from solar power at a non-home community location with larger numbers of panels. Andrew motioned, and Nicole seconded, and the board approved it unanimously.

SE Uplift update – Scott briefed the group on the SEUL board meeting that happened this week. Most of the recent meeting covered the Powell-Division Rapid Transit planning process, which is now focusing on Division exclusively. Recently taken off the table was the route going through Mt Hood Community College. SEUL is not supporting it in its current form due to those changes, and TriMet didn’t really address the concerns SEUL raised. There were some issues raised about crime and some campers that have been staying at a couple parks in SE Portland.

Land Use / Transportation – had a committee meeting last week. Residential Infill project is creating guidelines for what infill homes can be built, how narrow lots can be developed, and many other housing issues.  This group took public comment in September, and will be making a recommendation to City Council. To see the recommendations, go to the City of Portland’s Planning and Sustainability website. Nov. 9th will be a hearing at City Council on the recommendations.
There is also the Comprehensive Plan review happening now – involving zoning changes that have already been sent by mail to home / property owners.  Anyone who got the letter can make comment on the Map App for the Comprehensive Plan review, or go to the Bureau Planning of Sustainability where you can make a comment on the Map itself. Oct. 6th and 13th are hearings before City Council.
Vision Zero action plan has been released by the City of Portland – outlines actions that the city will take to reduce traffic fatalities. There is also a list of zoning changes related to trees and how they are treated by the City.

Arleta Triangle – Meghan gave an update on last Saturday of the month work parties.  Last one for this year will likely be held the last Saturday of October.

Communications – Cider Press Event – Oct 29th and 30th from 10-3 at the Portland Mercado. We will be getting apples through Portland Fruit for a good price. Dan does not have the press rented yet. Publicity about the event can start – Erika will confirm the dates with Dan; we may need a couple folks to pass them around and post at locations.

Halloween Party – N.A. volunteers to sell concessions to folks at their event. It is from 6-8 pm on Oct 29th.

Neighborhood Social – possibly to talk about crime prevention, neighborhood watch training, foot patrols, etc. Erika will lead the effort to have a social in November (preferably) or December.
Safety concerns brought by several neighbors in attendance were discussed – there is one particular area in need of crime prevention and attention. Erika will invite our crime prevention specialist to our Neighborhood Social. Erika asked what stance SEUL will take regarding crime and additional police hiring and funding. Scott said that there was no clear stance, but issues including Springwater Corridor have been discussed at the SEUL meeting, and some ideas for dealing with livability concerns are shared, but no major stance has taken.

Scott said that SEUL is going to take a Neighborhood Summit / Social and turn it into something driven by the Neighborhood Associations. There was general support for the idea at the N.A. level as well.  One neighbor asked if we could set up a neighborhood watch training through Maria, our neighborhood safety specialist. Many neighbors have already asked for help with drug activity near their homes, but it has not been effective to this point, and they’re looking for more solutions.

Commissioner Visit -- Amanda Fritz visited the neighborhood association meeting to talk about Measure 26-178 (Metro levy for operations of greenspaces); 26-179 Affordable Housing – to ask for funding to build 1300 affordable units that the City would then own; 26-180 3% tax on recreational marijuana to fund a special drug / alcohol enforcement, police enforcement, assistance to small neighborhood businesses.

New public campaign finance system is coming up for consideration – new type of system that’s been used in New York for three decades. It diversifies the people who run for office (at least in New York.)  The first $50 donated will be matched by the City to total $300.  That will be voted on by the City Council rather than on the ballot in November.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.
Meeting minutes submitted by Meghan Humphreys, Secretary