Jan 31, 2011

Native Plant Learning Garden - February 19th!

Visit Our Happy Block Blog for more details.
  1. We need Volunteers to Plant on Feb 19th - 1:00 pm - this will be fun and quick

  2. We can pay someone to de-sod, rototill and amend the soil. (This needs to be done at least a few days prior to Feb 19th.)
    We will need to rent the equipment (unless we can find someone to donate the equipment for a day.)
    Let me know if you are interested... or if you know someone in our neighborhood who would like to get paid to do this work (or volunteer)

  3. A Truck to haul the bare root plants from EMSWCD Native Plant Sale on Feb 19th (10 or 11 am) - EMSWCD is located at 5211 North Williams Ave

  4. An open-bed Truck to haul mulch to the site from Mt.Scott Mulch (this can be done whenever you are available.)

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