Apr 29, 2011

We sent our First Newsletter!

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 In the April/May issue:


poopybuddha said...

Glad to get a newsletter going! Thanks to all for your efforts. I just found out PDC purchased (all or part?) of former car lot that was metro auto at 72nd and Foster! I am trying to contact them to find out what their plans are and to see if community has any say on what happens to that space. Park? Garden? Fountain? Hopefully not a parking lot and more empty buildings.

Terah Beth said...

Awesome...so glad PDC in involved in the property. I will inquire with PDC about their plans as well.

Thanks for looking into that!

Anonymous said...

Any updates on what PDC is doing with this property?

Our Happy Block Coalition said...

PDC has no plans as of yet. However, I'm interested in ways that we can use this property for the time-being, until they come up with the funds.

I'm pretty sure they can lease-out the property.

I'm a bit too busy too dive into this right now.

However, I know Kevin Cronin (at PDC) is a great contact. He's always very helpful with explaining PDC's projects and plans.

You may want to contact him with questions/ideas/inquiries!

Terah Beth

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