Sep 10, 2011

'Opt In' Recruitment Survey


Have you ever wanted to share your views about parks, transportation, recycling or other issues that affect your quality of life? Now's your chance. Metro and its partners want to do a better job of hearing from you and others around our community. That's why Metro created Opt In, an online panel of people from around the region who help guide many important public decisions in the region. To participate, all you have to do is complete two or three short online surveys each month about topics that affect you.


Joining Opt In takes about 7 minutes to complete. All questions in the initial survey are for statistical purposes only, and none of your answers will be associated with your name. In future research with Opt In, you will not be asked these questions.

The data for Opt In is managed by DHM Research, a non-partisan, independent public opinion research company located in Portland.


Please visit to 'opt in' and start letting the local government know what you think about the issues that effect our city and region!

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