Sep 1, 2011

This Wednesday!

Come participate in this brainstorming session!
Wednesday, Sept 7th at 6:30
Mt. Scott Community Center


Rian said...

It has been awhile since I last attended an neighbor meeting. It's encouraging to see new energy and a shared sense of momentum. Thanks to SE Uplift for facilitating tonight's conversation. I'm looking forward to see the next step.

Terah Beth (MSANA Vice Chair and OHB) said...

Thanks for the comment Rian!
Yes, we are all very excited about our neighborhood and its possibilities! We do know it's gonna take a lot of people's energy to make noticeable progress. But I believe we're up to the challenge!

Hello Erika said...

The meeting last night was excellent! I'm glad to such a shared sense of great vision for the neighborhood. I'm looking forward to being more involved. Keep up the great work MSANA (board and neighbors) and SE Uplift.

aniapali said...

I missed the meeting and would love to participate in any neighborhood mural projects being a neighborhood artist myself... please contact me via email at thanks!

aniapali said...

I missed the meeting last night, but would love to be kept informed about any mural projects in the neighborhood. I am a neighborhood artist and business owner and would love to participate! Please contact me via email. thank you!

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