Jan 19, 2012

APPLY for the Graffiti Abatement Community GRANTS Program!

The goal of the Graffiti Abatement Community Grants Program is to support community-driven improvement projects and community building opportunities in the area of graffiti abatement and attempting to repair harm of graffiti on the community.  The funding for this program is limited and therefore places an emphasis on graffiti prevention, graffiti abatement and/or addressing locations chronically tagged with graffiti.

Please visit SE Uplift's website to learn more!

Our Happy Block (located on SE Woodstock, between SE 80th & 82nd Ave) received funds in 2011 from this exact grant. OHB painted a 50'x23' mural and installed mural lighting to defer graffiti on the chronically 'tagged' wall.
OHB's mural in progress.


Submission Deadline:  Friday, February 24 by 4:00PM

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