Jan 10, 2012

Come to City Council Tomorrow Afternoon!


On the proposal to construct a new celltower in our neighborhood at the property of Mt.Scott Fuel a hearing will be held by City Council to hear Verizon's appeal of the Hearings Officer's decision. Although the Hearings Officer sided with the objections from neighbors and the board of Mt.Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association and denied Verizon's application, this appeal to City Council means that we will have to voice our concerns, objections and reasons this proposal should be denied one more time. 
The hearing for City Council is on Wednesday January 11 at 2 pm.
Just as with the initial hearing, it will be very beneficial to our case if we have as many people as possible provide testimony and speak to the issue from their own perspective. We did an excellent job the first time around, which as a direct result made us prevail in the first round of the case. We will just have to do it one more time, and with a similar good approach we can have a favorable outcome again and prevail in this appeal to City Council as well!
Therefore, we're hoping that many of you will be able to come to the hearing at City Council on January 11 and will provide testimony.
The hearing for City Council is on Wednesday January 11 at 2 pm.
Address: Council Chambers, 1221 SW Fourth Avenue
More info at: http://www.portlandonline.com/bds/index.cfm?a=376455&c=42262

Note: If you are interested in submitting written testimony by e-mail prior to the meeting, please note that the e-mail address in the notice above that was also mailed out to several people by US Postal mail is incorrect (kmoore-love@ci.porrland.or.us): the correct e-mail address for that is:

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Rian said...

Is there a summary or list of the concerns neighbors expressed at the previous meeting/hearing?

My apologies if this information is documented in one of the recent MSANA meeting minutes; I'm having trouble finding information and would like to better understand how my neighbors view Verizon's application—Obviously unfavorably, but why?

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