Feb 29, 2012

Arleta School To Get Edible Garden

The Arleta School is about to get a new edible garden. The project is set to break ground in April, and was made possible by a grant from SE Uplift.  Public Harvest, Arleta School Boosters, and Mt, Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association will work to provide on-going maintenance, volunteer and community outreach, and curriculum assistance to support the new garden and the school community. They will work together to  install fruiting shrubs and native plants in the courtyard of Arleta School.

Bring your friends and join us to prepare and plant the new garden on our two upcoming work days:
April 7 and April 14 from 9AM-noon.
Breakfast snacks and coffee will be served.

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Jonathan said...

For more information please contact
PortlandEarthcare @ gmail.com

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