Feb 29, 2012

Foster Road Fatality Renews Call To Improve Safety

Neighborhood notes recently published this article about improving pedestrian safety in Portland. Unfortunately, Foster Rd. makes an appearance at the top of the list for dangerous pedestrian corridors.
Following the January hit and run fatality of 26-year-old Jason Lee Grant on Foster Rd. at 71st Ave., there has been a renewed call to improve safety in our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Notes makes an important point in the article. Your Neighborhood Association is an essential part of improving safety in the neighborhood. We are here to help address this pressing issue, and welcome your input and help.

The city has approved $325 in funding to address safety concerns along Foster Road, which forms the northern border of the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood. This has brought about a renewed interest in the Foster Streetscape, originally drafted nearly nine years ago.

The plan calls for improved transportation including biking facilities, pedestrian crossways, possibly a streetcar, and beautification elements like trees and such. The city has begun the process of updating the plan to reflect the realities of the neighborhood today, and now is the time to make this plan a reality.

The Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Associations has sent a letter to our elected officials urging them to address this issue immediately. To find out how you can help email us at msananews@gmail.com.

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Anonymous said...

Pedestrian safety IE Regional Flexible Funds grant.

See link for this and more about streetscaping too.


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