Feb 6, 2012

Mt. Scott-Arleta Survey Launch TOMORROW (Tuesday, Feb 7th)

tomorrow afternoon will be the inaugural meeting for the Mt. Scott Arleta Survey Project, funded by a grant from Southeast Uplift and in partnership with ROSE Community Development Corporation and the Mt. Scott Community Center.

time: 4pm
location: 4629 se 64th ave

 we will spend our first few meetings getting clear on our vision and purpose statement for the project, setting the goals of the project and establishing how to measure our success in these goals, and doing an asset map of the project team.

if you are interested in being a core participant in making this project a reality over the next year and wish to have a roll in crafting its direction, these first few mtgs will be important for you to plug into.  if you are interested in supporting the project by plugging into it in other ways (ie being given a particular task to do such as neighborhood canvassing or data entry) it is not required that you come to these first slue of mtgs, i will be sending out updates with ways to plug in as they emerge. 

just wanted to put this out there and re-frame this first meeting a bit since i first presented this meeting as being about 'survey development' and i realize now that i was a bit ahead of myself. i am excited to have a deeper understanding of what this process looks like and am looking fwd to having all passionate and interested parties in the room sitting at the helm of what i hope to be a really beneficial project for our hood.

note: if you are interested in contributing to the direction of this project but cannot make tomorrow's mtg, please contact me directly at mtscott.arleta.na@gmail.com.

lisa anne
MSANA chair.

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