Feb 29, 2012

New Public Charter Middle School for SE Portland

Proposed to open August 2013!
PHC Northwest

"We are in the process of exploring the potential of partnering with PPS and opening a charter middle school in SE Portland. We are still in the public comment phase and would love to have feedback from you Neighborhood."

Quick online survey: Give Feedback by filling out this survey (takes less than 1.5 minute)
or Print Survey & submit at Meeting.

PHC Northwest is proposing a public charter school expected to open August of
2013. The school will be a small, family-friendly environment that emphasizes a team approach to teaching and learning. Located in outer Southeast, the charter option will offer an alternative to the large middle school for families in the Portland Metro area. We seek to create a culture of personal accountability for one's education, preparing students to excel in high school both academically and personally.

At a Glance:

* Serves middle grades (6-8)
* Facility located in SE neighborhoods
* Hands-on learning
* Community and family-focused
* Committed to academic interventions where needed
* Proficiency-based learning
* Co-teaching model
* Small community
* Founded by PHC Northwest

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