Feb 8, 2012

SE Portland Neighborhood Assembly Wants Your Event Info

Are you involved in planning an action or event? If so, we want you to participate in the next SE Portland Neighborhood Assembly coming up this Saturday Feb. 11 at SEIU Local 503 (4-6 pm).

A rough draft of the assembly agenda is available on the Portland General Assembly website:

We are still in the process of putting together a structure for the SE Assembly, but in the meantime, many are ready for action now. As you'll see, one of the items on the agenda is announcements of actions and projects that are currently being planned, followed by small group discussion of those actions and projects, with the opportunity to get involved in them. We are hoping individuals can come to publicize specific events they are currently involved in planning. If you would like to do this, please put a comment on the agenda post, so that you and your action can get listed on Saturday's agenda.

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