Feb 15, 2012

Sunday Feb 19th, Rep Alissa Keny-Guyer want to hear from YOU!

Representative Keny-Guyer has been supporting various efforts of the Mt. Scott Arleta neighborhood... from fighting erroneously permitted cell towers to the acquisition of the Wikman Building for development of a grassroots community center, she has been submitting letters to City Council and testifying in front of the County Commissioners on the behalf of our community. 

The legislative session is underway and she has scheduled a 'Neighborhood Coffee' at Bar Carlo this Sunday, Feb 19 from 3:30 to 4:30pm. Bar Carlo is located at 6433 SE Foster Rd.  The event will be an opportunity to ask questions and give input as the legislative session moves forward. 

Come meet one of our neighborhood's State Representatives, meet some neighbors, and patronize a local business!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rep. Keny-Guyer,
You have a stance on improving education in Portland public schools I understand. I have a suggestion. Rather than have the burden of education rest primarily on the backs of home owners ( my taxes were raised 17.9% 2 years after I bought my home in Laurelhurst with no improvements) Why not have parents pay across the board additionally to homeowners. I have 2 kids in school and while I would feel the burn of contributing say $250.00 a year for each student - if the quality of our education improves it would be well worth it. It is unfair that homeowners taxes will be raised yet again, we will not be able to afford to live in Multnomah County at this rate!

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