Mar 7, 2012

Crime Prevention, Start a Neighborhood Watch & Foot Patrol!

Brad Taylor, our Crime Prevention Coordinator, presented at tonight's Neighborhood Meeting. He discussed the 'high crime' areas in our neighborhood and offered methods to improve safety and livability.

Brad went through the various crimes that have been committed and where the crimes seem to be concentrated in our neighborhood. (Mostly along SE 82nd Ave and a bit of SE Foster).

Neighborhood watches and foot patrols are very effective in preventing crime and Brad would love to help YOU get one started.

Contact Information:
Brad Taylor. Telephone: 503.823.2781

Crime Prevention Coordinator:
(Office of Neighborhood Involvement)

Visit and enter your street address to see what crimes have been committed in your neighborhood.

Take a BITE out of Crime!

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Anonymous said...

If someone is going to organize a park foot patrol, please shoot me an email since I live a hop, skip, jump away! Thanks Erika. email:

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