Mar 2, 2012

Movie Theater Returning to the Neighborhood?

This past fall, the historic Bob White Theater on Foster Rd at 64th was sold. Since then the current owner, Nick Storie, has actively engaged the neighborhood about the future use of the building.
Formerly a movie theater, many neighbors expressed an interest in seeing it returned to its original use.

They hosted an open house of the space, in December, which turned into an outdoor coffee, donut, and building plans community meeting when the fire marshall closed the building to visitors at the last minute. This did little to dampen people’s excitement about the future of the building.

Since then they have had an estate sale and started cleaning up the inside. They are currently seeking help cleaning up the space. 

From the Historic Bob White Theater's Facebook page: "Volunteers needed. Saturday March 10th we will be having a volunteer cleaning party from 9-am till 3-pm. We will provide music, coffee and doughnuts for all volunteers. We thank you for all your support, and wish to keep the community together. The Historic Bob White theatre has made great strides in the renovation process and wishes to continue with the communities support."

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