Mar 1, 2012

ROSE CDC Has Big Plans For Wikman Building

I’m not sure when I made the switch from pronouncing it “arr-let-ah “to “arr-leet-ah.“ It sort of happened without my noticing, but I suspect it was around the time that Multnomah County declared the Wikman Building surplus, and started soliciting bids for future uses of the site.
 I learned at the open house that the building, located at 4420 S.E. 64th Ave, at Holgate, just across from Laurelwood Park, was originally the Arleta Library.

Suddenly the name had meaning, history, and context. I started pronouncing it with the long “e” in the middle. I do believe that language is ever-evolving and organic, and the same applies neighborhoods, but I also believe that it is important to recognize and preserve history.  This historic gem stands empty now, but there are plans in the works to make it a community centerpiece.

The county opened up the future of the building to the community and settled on Revitalize Outer South East Community Development  (ROSE CDC) to take over the building. The ROSE CDC’s proposed  use is as a “neighborhood grange,” which could host any number of community building enterprises and activities.

ROSE CDC is working on plans for how to proceed, and we will keep you updated as we learn more.

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