Apr 30, 2012

Exciting things are about to happen with Foster Road!

....And one of the reasons why it is so exciting is that you can have input and help determine which improvements may happen and how Foster Road will be transformed!

For many, many years the City has had plans to improve Foster Road. But with so many other projects needing funding as well, and available funds being so scarce, it has mostly remained plans on paper.
That is about to change. Due to a combination of factors, things are finally about to change for Foster Road. And “change for the better” that is!

SE Foster and 50th, 1937 taken from Vintage Portland

Our own Mt.Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association is working together with our friends north of Foster, the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association and we are jointly engaging the City in different ways get improvements for Foster Road not just planned but also implemented.

Our vision is to make Foster Road safer, nicer, better, friendlier and in short a street to be proud of being part of our neighborhood. If we make Foster safer for cars, bikes, and pedestrians to use and to cross, more pleasant to hang out along, go shopping or dining at, and all those other things that are a normal part of City and neighborhood life, we can transform not just the road for “traffic” but we can make it a real neighborhood asset: a place where people want and can be successful having their business, regardless if that is a restaurant, a boutique, a store, office space, a coffee shop or bar or whatever people feel they want to be in business for and provide in this neighborhood. And with those businesses, their patrons parking their cars or bikes along the street, people walking the sidewalks, and life happening on and along the street, Foster Road will no longer be a “freeway through town” but a happening main street!

There are already many interesting high-quality businesses along Foster, and with the Bob White Theatre opening, it will just get better. Traffic improvements will make the business and neighborhood viability and livability better, and with that improved business and neighborhood climate, traffic will in turn improve further and get safer for all.

Lots of initiatives are in the work, and lots of ideas are being generated and bounced off. Exciting times are here and we can help all the help we can get! Are you interested in being involved and helping out with any of that?

We’ll be reaching out to the neighborhood, the business community, and many more, we’ll work with Foster-Powell, the City and others, we’ll collect input, ideas, feedback and we’ll make it happen: the new Foster Road will be so nice, it’s just around the corner and it can have your name on it too!

There will be so many opportunities and needs, we basically figured that you can help by doing whatever you like to do. Let us know that you want to help, and we’ll figure out together the details of it from there.

First thing to do:
Contact Marcel, our Transportation Chair at euroguy_pdx@yahoo.com and let him know you want to be part of this, or come to one of our monthly Neighborhood meetings.

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