Oct 1, 2012

Foster Road Coalition Vision Document

This document describes the vision for Foster Road, as defined and supported by the community-based Foster Road Coalition. The Foster Road Coalition consists of several Foster-area community organizations who organized and joined together to coordinate their work and efforts for a better Foster Road. This document lays out the coalition’s Vision for a better Foster Road, as well as several specific measures that the coalition believes can make this vision a reality. The coalition realizes that the ultimate implementation of the improvement measures will need to be a collaborative process between the Coalition and the City, as well as several other organizations. As part of that process, prioritization and possible reconsideration of specific measures may be needed. This is a living document and may change.  The Coalition is open to discussion with any interested parties with ideas and suggestions as to proposed or alternative measures to accomplish the ultimate implementation of the Vision.  For more information about the Coalition and the Vision document please contact, Marcel Hermans, MSANA Transportation Chair at euroguy_pdx@yahoo.com. Foster Road Coalition Vision Document (1)

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