Oct 30, 2012

Neighborhood Watch/Starting Neighborhood Foot Patrols

Are you interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch group or a Neighborhood Foot Patrol? Don't know what a Neighborhood Watch entails or what a Fool Patrol is or what it does?  If you are interested in attending an informational meeting please email Erika Palmer-Wilson at erikatakeabow@gmail.com. I know that there is intere
st from neighbors, and if you signed-up for more information at our last N'hood Association Meeting there is no need to email me. 

Fore more information on Foot Patrols click here !  

An informational meeting is being coordinated by our awesome Neighborhood Crime Prevention Coordinator, Brad Taylor! If you are interested I will put you on the invite list, however once a day and time is hammered out in the very near future, it will be posted for everyone to see because you are all invited.

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