Nov 13, 2012

Foster Road Cross Section Draft Alternatives

The Foster Streetscape planning process is well underway.  The Stakeholder Advisory Committee is meeting this Thursday, November 15 at 6:00 p.m. at SE Works to  review all options and brainstorm ideas for Foster Rd, including crossing improvements, cross section changes and streetscape improvements. Transportation Chair, Marcel Hermans and Board Chair, Erika Palmer-Wilson sit on this committee and they would like to hear any and all comments that you may have.  Below you will find the Foster Road Cross Section Draft Alternatives Report that display different cross sectional alternatives for the three representative segments of the inner Foster Road Corridor. 

Please leave YOUR comments below or email them to Marcel Hermans,  MSA Transportation Chair at or Erika Palmer-Wilson, MSA Board Chair at

Foster Road DRAFT Cross-Section Alts+Tradeoffs


Rian said...

I'm excited and encouraged to see options with ample sidewalks, cycle tracks / buffered bike lanes and transit/streetcar friendly travel lanes.

SE 52nd Avenue to SE 72nd Avenue
I prefer Option 5. I think it is especially important that the sidewalk width is maintained, that the cycle track is in place (not just a buffered bike lane) and that the travel lanes easily accommodate transit and streetcar.

SE 72nd Avenue to SE 80th Avenue
I prefer Option 1, though it could be further refined. I would like to see the parallel parking reallocated to the sidewalk and buffered bike lane (perhaps enabling it to be promoted to a cycle track).

SE 84th Avenue to Couplet
I prefer Option 3. However, here again I would rather see an option with the parallel parking removed to allow for wider sidewalks and a cycle track in both directions.

Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback!

Arthur said...


52nd to 82nd:

I like Option 1, with option 3 being a close second. I do wonder why option 3 has the "two in the peak direction" option for the 3rd lane while option 1 doesn't, and why there's no option that's Option 1 just with the bike lane closer to the sidewalk.

72nd to 80th:

Option 1 there. I just see that as a continuance of 52nd to 72nd, really, and I think the few transitions the better (Simon says 2 lanes! Simon says 4 lanes! 3 Lanes -- gotcha!)

80th to Couplet:

I'm inclined towards Option 3.

Mt. Scott-Arleta said...

Rian and Arthur,

Thanks for the feedback! We will make sure that all of our neighborhood input gets to our Transportation Chair who represents US throughout this streetscape planning process!


Jed Roberts said...

Love where this is going! I am game for pretty much any option that has just one EB and WB travel lane. Where possible the protected bike lane is really attractive too.

Jackie said...

52nd to 72nd: 5
72nd to 80th: 3
80th to couplet: 5

We desperately need bike lanes.

Emily said...

52nd to 72nd: Option 5; however it would be great if you could get rid of the parking and add a center turn lane.

72nd to 80th: Option 1. It would be nice to not have parking on Foster.

80th to couplet: Option 3. Again, it would be nice to not have the parallel parking so that you can increase the width of the lanes so they can accommodate a streetcar, make it easier for buses, extend sidewalks and put in a cycle track.

Mt. Scott-Arleta said...

Thanks everyone & keep posting your thoughts here or through email! We will be submitting your input into the process and meeting record.

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