Nov 20, 2012

Holgate Mural Update (7-11 Building)

We received some bummer news but don't worry it hasn't got our spirits down for the hopes of a new mural on the backside of the 7-11 building on Holgate Blvd., across from the Mt. Scott Learning Center. The grant funding through the City's Graffiti Abatement Program can only be extended until November 30, 2012 and with all the superhuman powers that we like to think we have, there simply isn't enough time to complete this project.

Don't worry, we plan to re-apply this spring for the new round of grant funding through the City's Graffiti  Abatement Program with plenty of neighborhood support with the hopes of future funding to complete this project in the spring/summer of 2013! Big thanks and a high-five to Joshua Mead, Student Transitions Manager at Mt. Scott Learning Center for working with students and getting grant funding thist year.  This past year he has been serving as project manager and we look forward to working with him this upcoming year to create a new vision on this wall that will reflect both the owner's and and neighborhoods desires as well reducing unwanted graffiti.  Be looking forward to project updates this spring!

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