Feb 21, 2013

Foster Road -- Street Design Alternatives! Give us YOUR feedback!

Howdy Neighbors,

As many of you know, the Foster Road Streetscape Plan Update/Refresh whatever you want to call it has been taking place over the past few months. Two MSA board members sit on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (Marcel Hermans and Erika Palmer-Wilson) and have been providing YOUR comments to the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PDOT).  There is a meeting tonight (2/21) at 6:00 p.m. at SE Works (79th & Foster) and the public is welcome.

 If you can't make the meeting (I know soooo many of you have busy lives) that's okay.  Please read the DRAFT street design alternatives & evaluation and provide your input to Marcel Hermans, MSA Transportation Chair at euroguy_pdx@yahoo.com  or Erika Palmer-Wilson, Board  Chair, erikatakeabow@gmail.com.  We will be providing all of our neighborhood feedback to PDOT over the next couple of weeks. Either email Marcel or Erika or leave a comment in the blog post below.  Thank you for reading and posting your meaningful insights.

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Ruth said...

Hi! I live nearby and I wanted to weigh in on the plans. I am opposed to integrating the bike lanes into the sidewalk as these need to be left open for restaurants to provide tables, and for pedestrian uses. Bike lanes can be in the road. With traffic calming measures such as crosswalks and more vegetation, the bikes should be ok. Second, we need a lot more trees on the street - preferably with ground cover below, not turf. Furthermore, the trees will do better in strips rather than tree pits. It's important to remember that a tree has about the same above ground biomass as below, so please provide space for the roots!

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