Mar 26, 2013

Graffiti Prevention and Removal

Many Neighbors have been talking about the recent rash of graffiti that has hit our area over the past week. Foster Road, 64th, Woodstock, and 72nd Avenues have all been hit.  Preventing graffiti reduces fear and improves neighborhood pride.

  Here's what YOU can do! 
       Office of Neighborhood Involvement-Graffiti Hotline:
 Or,  Police Non-emergency:

      Or, If you witness it occurring, 9-1-1!
        (Keep Reading for More Info)

  • Address – The address of the building affected or an address closest to the area affected (curbs, stairs, etc) 
  • Please include Business name (if applicable) 
  • Please indicate if you are asking for removal assistance. (The City can not remove graffiti without owner permission. Also, some properties do not meet the criteria for free removal assistance, see below about assistance.) 
  • Graffiti at an intersection – Include cross roads and directional cues (NE, SE, SW, NW) also include which corner graffiti is on 
  • Utility poles and boxes – include the Company name (if Qwest, PGE, etc.) 
  • Phone Booths – include the company name (if Qwest) 
  • Include any other identifying information that will help pin-point the location 
  • We must know the exact date the vandalism happened. If you don’t know exact date, please give us a range of dates during which it occurred. 
  • Time frame is important because we are required to bring charges within the statute of limitations for property crimes.
  • From your own property, paint it out, or check out a removal kit with solvent from one of 9 fire stations (kits contain solvent to be used to ‘wipe-off’ graffiti). The Woodstock Fire station located at 5211 SE Mall Street, just of 52nd Avenue has kits, you can call them at (503) 823-3700
  • If you need free assistance, please call City's Graffiti Abatement program at 503-823-5860 
  • Volunteer with neighbors to remove graffiti from properties in the right-of-way: Call the Volunteer Program Coordinator at 503-823-9666 for more information to get this graffiti removal party started! If you champion a graffiti removal party please let the the neighborhood association know -- we can help recruit volunteers and advertise! 


John McSpiffy said...

Graffiti is not an emergency, please do NOT call 911. Instead use the non-emergency number and somebody will be dispatched right away if it's actively occurring and they have the resources available.

TeeBee said...

Normally I would agree that it's not an emergency John...but it seems that the situation is becoming an emergency. I'm tired of having to take my time to paint over it and it effects everyone in the neighborhood negatively, and it's getting worse. So if the police can bust some of these folks it would be a huge help to our community.

Anonymous said...

The City's Guide that is posted above says, Call 911 to report graffiti in progress, if the police are available I only hope that they send someone out. It's getting a litter of control.

Anonymous said...

^little out of control.

Nicole Green said...

Our house (specifically, our retaining wall) just joined the ranks of the tagged. Reported and removed!

Laura jones said...

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Micky Botter said...

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