Mar 1, 2013

Holgate Library News for March

Hello again from your Holgate Library, serving East and Southeast Portland, a fair field of folks from Happy Valley, and anyone else who walks in the door!  Today: Project Clean Slate, and your Database du Jour.
Has your driver's license been suspended for unpaid fines? Do you owe child support that you want to pay but just don't see how you can? Is there a minor criminal conviction on your record that is standing in your way? If you have a record with Multnomah County, or know someone who has, Project Clean Slate can help.
This workshop introduces the resources and services that can help you make that fresh start. (Supported by the District Attorney, Public Defenders, DMV and the Independent Development Enterprise Alliance.) Join us at the Holgate Library on Wednesday March 6 from 6:45 to 7:30 (first come, first served). 
Last time for our 'Database du Jour' I told you about's Library Edition... did you have trouble with it? I was correct in telling you that it has boatloads of genealogy information and you can access it for free with your library card... but <sheepish grin> I neglected to mention that this particular thing is accessible only *in* an actual library. Why? Some databases only allow a few simultaneous people logging in, so we have to restrict how many can use it at once. Oops! Come on in and use it on our public computers.

To make up for that, what about: The Gale Virtual Reference Library! Oh my goodness, this thing has 9000+ searchable reference books and databases all together for your convenience. I kid you not. Encyclopedias? Biographies? Business Plan guides? Info on science, drama, religion, art... AND it's interface is available in 30 languages! Crazy useful, and you own it.

Until next time, I remain your humble (public) servant, Patrick

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