Mar 5, 2013

Interested in Transforming Your Alley? Participate in this Cool Project!

Mill Street Community Planning is a group of six graduate students from Portland State University working in the Foster Corridor to explore the revitalization of alley space within the Lents, Mt. Scott-Arleta, and Foster-Powell neighborhoods. Similar to many communities throughout the city, alleys within the Foster Green EcoDistrict are often considered a liability rather than a potential resource. The EcoDistrict Steering Committee has an interest in understanding the potential of local alleys to become active, vibrant spaces, identify community needs and concerns regarding alley revitalization, and determine how the effective transformation of these spaces can be achieved. We will conduct an engagement process to incorporate residents’ values and priorities related to alley space in their community.

The project will run through June 2013 and result in three products for community use: An alley redevelopment guide, inventory of existing alley conditions, and pilot alley visions that will reimagine alleys in the selected neighborhoods.
 If you live on an alley or are interested in participating please check out our website and fill out our short interest form: 

You can also send feedback and questions to our email address:

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