Apr 14, 2013

Board Elections at our May 1st MSA N'hood Meeting

Interested in joining the Mt. Scott Arleta Neighborhood Association Board? I bet you have all sorts of questions. What's the neighborhood association? What's the board? What do they do, and is it a lot of work?  Elections will be held at our May 1st meeting! 

The MSA Neighborhood Association is part of the the City's Neighborhood System made up of over 90 Neighborhood Associations. Our Neighborhood Association is a group of neighbors and business owners who discuss and act on issues affecting our neighborhood. Our Neighborhood Association seeks to actively maintain and improve our neighborhood, to foster community and keep neighbors up-to-date on events and happenings both locally and on a city-wide level.   The board is an elected group of neighborhood folks who make decisions and represent the interests of our neighborhood, make efforts to create an environment where all neighbors can be heard and to follow the rules and processes outlined in our bylaws. Our bylaws are the roadmap for how our neighborhood association operates. Is it a lot of work?! Just remember we are ALL VOLUNTEERS and we do our best, when times get tough just remember you have a board members that you can call to help out.  Now on to the rest...

Board Responsibilities:
Here are some general responsibilities for each board officer position:


  • Sets the agenda for each meeting, adding any requests approved for the agenda.
  •  Facilitates meetings.
  • Calls special and emergency meetings when necessary.
  • Receives and replies to phone calls, email, mail and other correspondence, notifying other board members and delegating requests as needed.
  • Recruits new members and encourages participation in the association. 


  • Acts in the absence of the President/Chair, with the same responsibilities.
  • Handles other tasks when needed.
  • Recruits new members and encourages participation in the association.
  • Mentors new board members and handles other tasks.  


  • Ensures proper public notice of meetings.
  • Records minutes of all meetings of the neighborhood association and makes draft minutes available to the board and membership for review prior to the next meeting.
  • Submits to SE Uplift a copy of the sign-in sheet, approved agenda and approved minutes from each neighborhood association meeting.
  • Files and submits copies of the association’s annual report with the Secretary of State, Corporate Division, to SE Uplift for reimbursement of $50 fee and archival in coalition records.
  • Submits copies of the neighborhood association’s updated bylaws to SE Uplift as needed when changes are made.
  • Recruits new members and encourages participation in the association.
  •  Accounts for and deposits all revenue and income received.
  • Tracks any in-kind or financial donations received by the neighborhood association.
  • Submits a copy of all fundraising materials used, donation log, and receipts to SE Uplift after the event takes place only if our Federal Tax Identification Number was given out for donor deduction purposes.
  • Reports and tracks communication monies and files annual report with SE Uplift.
  • Pays all association expenses, as needed.
  • Keeps complete financial records and reports the status of funds at meetings
Neighborhood Land Use/ Sustainability & Transportation Chairs 
  • Receives land use notices and provides a summary report of notifications at monthly meetings, suggesting actions to be taken by the neighborhood.
  • Responds to land use notices on behalf of the neighborhood association.
  • Acts as a land use resource for their neighborhood association. Trains others in land use processes and procedures.
  • Serves as the neighborhood representative on the SE Uplift Land Use and Sustainability Committee.
Southeast Uplift Board Member
The Southeast Uplift board governs the organization and is responsible for upholding the 
mission and values in all polices, programs and practices. This includes: 
  • Assuring that coalition services and programs are responsive to neighborhood and community concerns and interests.
  • Engage neighbors in coalition programs and projects.
  • Involving coalition neighborhoods in working together on big picture vision, goals and projects to strengthen our community
  • Serving as advocates in the public policy arena concerning land use, transportation and other livability issues.
At-Large -- If you are interested in something specific please join us and help with coordinating! 
There are often several at-large members of a neighborhood board. At-large members serve 
as committee chairs or take on specific tasks. Projects include, fundraising, crime prevention, neighborhood 
clean-up coordination, special events and newsletter creation.  Determine your match and then work with the board to define your role. NEIGHBORHOOD PARTY PLANNER?!?!

If you have any questions please email Erika Palmer-Wilson, Board Chair at erikatakeabow@gmail.com 

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