Jun 2, 2013

Foster Road Improvements: Let’s make them happen!

Portland Bureau of Transportation 
A lot of work has been done over the past year on the Foster Streetscape project. The City’s team has been working really hard on generating and evaluating different design alternatives, while continuously coordinating with the many stakeholders and interests, including the community advisory group. Those of you who have followed that either in person or through information online will be aware that the direction it is going is quite exciting as to the improvement concepts for ”our” Foster Road.
But…a plan is only a plan of course. So now that the planning process is getting to its final phases, it’s important that we as the community show our involvement and support and help advocate for getting it funded so that it can be implemented and become reality!
There are two great opportunities to do so:

1) The Foster Road Streetscape Open House

This Tuesday, June 4 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at : JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT, 
This will be a great chance to learn a lot about the project and all relevant information about the alternatives, their lay-out, impacts and benefits, implementation timeline, etc. It will also be a good opportunity to provide feedback to the City.

More info on the project web-site: http://www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/57866

2) Help get funding through the flexible funding program
Metro is administering a program for transportation funding, and Foster Road Streetscape is one of the projects that is on the list as a potential candidate to receive funding. Which projects will ultimately get funding will in part depend on community input/feedback. So….please take a few minutes and leave some comments in support of funding for our Foster Road, to get those needed improvements yet another step closer to reality!

Info through the web-link: "Foster Road: SE Powell Boulevard to SE 90th Avenue: Pedestrian/Bicycle Phase 2"
Deadline is June 7 so only a few days away, so do it soon, and really: it takes only a few minutes.

P.S. To have even more positive impact, make sure to share his info with others as well!!

Transportation Chair

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