Oct 22, 2013

City Seeks Input for Pilot Project to Enable Community Uses on Unpaved Streets

Portland has about 60 miles of unpaved, dirt and gravel streets within the city limits. While the City does not maintain these unimproved streets, some residents have taken the initiative to create garden plots, rest areas and other community uses in these public spaces.

The concept came from Mayor Hales, who thought the City should try to empower communities to help determine what their neighborhoods look like by creating something useful and attractive. Many homeowners on unimproved streets have said that expensive paving projects are not what they prefer, but lower cost alternatives such as placing benches or gardens in the public right of way would still require a City permit.

Community meetings to share your ideas for community uses of unpaved streets

The public is invited to share their ideas at two upcoming community meetings. This will be an opportunity to share issues and concerns City staff should take into consideration as they develop the project:

Monday, Nov. 4
6:30 to 8 p.m.
East Portland Community Center
Poolside Room #1, 740 SE 106th Ave.
http://www.trimet.org/:  #15, #20, SE Main St. Max Station/Green

Wednesday, Nov. 13
6:30 to 8 p.m.
Hollywood Library
Community Meeting Room, 4040 NE Tillamook St.
http://www.trimet.org/:  #12, #75, 4 blocks to Hollywood/NE 42nd Ave. TC Max Station

Oct 15, 2013

Friends of Trees set to plant in Mt. Scott-Arleta

Plant trees like us! 

Residents can order discounted trees now! The earlier the better

All that good, squishy soil means it’s tree-planting time, and Friends of Trees is getting ready to hit the ground in Mt. Scott-Arleta.
Residents who want to order discounted trees for their street or  yard should sign up by November 4 in order to be a part of the December 7 planting in our neighborhood. 

To sign up and browse the tree selection, visit www.friendsoftrees.org/plant-it-programs or call 503-282-8846.

Each planting starts with breakfast and ends with a potluck. “Plantings are like a party with your neighbors. It’s all about good food, good people, and being able to say ‘I planted that!’” says Whitney Dorer, Neighborhood Trees Manager for Friends of Trees. 

Oct 7, 2013

Neighborhood Watch & Foot Patrol

Hello Neighbors,

We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate a Neighborhood Foot Patrol.  This would mean setting a date, coordinating volunteers, and developing a route. If you are interested please email Erika at erikatakeabow@gmail.com.

Interested in setting up a Neighborhood Watch Program on your block? The Neighborhood Watch Program increases safety and security in neighborhoods by involving as many households as possible in a united crime prevention effort. This program teaches community members to:
  • Communicate regularly using tools specific to Neighborhood Watch,
  • Recognize and report suspicious activity,
  • Increase home and vehicle security,
  • Increase personal safety of residents; and
  • Make neighborhoods less attractive to criminals. 
For more information you can read this Neighborhood Watch brochure. If you are interested in establishing a Neighborhood Watch on your block please contact our Neighborhood Crime Prevention Officer Brad Taylor at 503-823-2781 or by email at brad.a.taylor@portlandoregon.gov

Remember neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime!