Oct 15, 2013

Friends of Trees set to plant in Mt. Scott-Arleta

Plant trees like us! 

Residents can order discounted trees now! The earlier the better

All that good, squishy soil means it’s tree-planting time, and Friends of Trees is getting ready to hit the ground in Mt. Scott-Arleta.
Residents who want to order discounted trees for their street or  yard should sign up by November 4 in order to be a part of the December 7 planting in our neighborhood. 

To sign up and browse the tree selection, visit www.friendsoftrees.org/plant-it-programs or call 503-282-8846.

Each planting starts with breakfast and ends with a potluck. “Plantings are like a party with your neighbors. It’s all about good food, good people, and being able to say ‘I planted that!’” says Whitney Dorer, Neighborhood Trees Manager for Friends of Trees. 

For those who’ve seen the Friends of Trees tags on street trees but don’t know how to get involved, here are some common questions:

How much do trees cost?
$35-75. This includes delivery, planting by volunteers, mulch, stakes, and follow-up maintenance (a $200 value).

What if I can’t afford a tree?
Call 503-595-0212 and ask about scholarships. If you’d like to donate a scholarship, visit www.friendsoftrees.org/donate.

What kind of trees are available?
You can browse a wide selection at www.friendsoftrees.org. Factors like the size of your sidewalk planting strip determine the list of trees you can plant.

How can I get started?
Visit http://www.friendsoftrees.org/plant-it-programs or call to sign up and shop for trees.

Can I help plant in my neighborhood?
Yes—it’s highly encouraged! Visit http://www.friendsoftrees.org/volunteering or call 503-595-0213 to help dig, drive, cook or help coordinate just about any weekend this fall and winter.

When are deadlines?
To view planting dates and deadlines for each neighborhood, visit http://bit.ly/19QBhFr

Why plant trees?
Trees beautify neighborhoods, soak up stormwater, lower energy costs and increase home values. Each dollar spent planting trees becomes $3+ in benefits to the community.

Who is Friends of Trees?
Since 1989, Friends of Trees has planted more than 500,000 trees and native plants in the Portland-Vancouver and Eugene-Springfield metro areas. The nonprofit partners with Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services to turn Portland’s grey to green by planting thousands of trees in East Portland neighborhoods. For more information, visit www.friendsoftrees.org

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Kate said...

Has anyone else noticed all the young trees being snapped in our neighborhood? I just walked out this morning to see 2 MORE snapped at 76th and Harold. :-(

I'm pretty nervous my little street tree (lindon) is going to be next (I live two doors down from those trees snapped today). I've noticed at least 3 others snapped around here in the past couple months as well. Two of the trees were on 77th, where it meets Harold and the other was on Harold where it meets 74th.

This is so sad and makes no sense. I'm thinking of reaching out to FoT to see if they have run into this much and what, if anything, we can do about it. I also reported it via the Portland Reporter app - though who knows if that will really do anything.

Any thoughts / advice / input would be greatly appreciated!

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