Oct 7, 2013

Neighborhood Watch & Foot Patrol

Hello Neighbors,

We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate a Neighborhood Foot Patrol.  This would mean setting a date, coordinating volunteers, and developing a route. If you are interested please email Erika at erikatakeabow@gmail.com.

Interested in setting up a Neighborhood Watch Program on your block? The Neighborhood Watch Program increases safety and security in neighborhoods by involving as many households as possible in a united crime prevention effort. This program teaches community members to:
  • Communicate regularly using tools specific to Neighborhood Watch,
  • Recognize and report suspicious activity,
  • Increase home and vehicle security,
  • Increase personal safety of residents; and
  • Make neighborhoods less attractive to criminals. 
For more information you can read this Neighborhood Watch brochure. If you are interested in establishing a Neighborhood Watch on your block please contact our Neighborhood Crime Prevention Officer Brad Taylor at 503-823-2781 or by email at brad.a.taylor@portlandoregon.gov

Remember neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime!

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