Feb 19, 2014

The Sum of Our Efforts

It's good to remember often that one of our biggest gifts to each other is our time invested in our neighborhood. Thanks to our good neighbors at Green Lents, we're lucky to have a great tool library at 92nd and Ramona. Have you thought about ways you can show up to help make a great neighborhood? Now's your chance to be the change!

Green Lents is an all-volunteer run non-profit with a mission to provide education, volunteer and leadership opportunities in and around the Lents neighborhood to promote a thriving, sustainable community. We work together in small teams run by volunteers within the community to address important issues because we believe that this is Our Place, Our Community and Our Home, and we need to take care of it… together. Our goal is to promote a “green” culture in our community that brings us back to our less-wasteful, more resourceful, and more locally dependent roots through community-driven events, sharing programs and support of local organizations.

Here are opportunities for you to get involved with Green Lents: Volunteer!

Be a part of the Green Lents Community Tool Library team! 
The Green Lents Community Tool Library is a free service for residents of the Lents, Powellhurst-Gilbert, Pleasant Valley, Foster-Powell, Mt. Scott-Arleta, Brentwood-Darlington and Montavilla neighborhoods. The Community Tool Library (CTL) functions like a book library, except you check out tools or other project materials instead of books. The CTL is located in the Lents Town Center just off the max line on Ramona Street (9211 SE Ramona Street, Portland 97266) We are currently looking for volunteers and team members to help keep the Community Tool Library available to neighbors!

Join our Watershed Team! 
Our Watershed Team has been busy working on our Swale Enhancement Project. As part of the Community Watershed Health Project, Green Lents initiated the enhancement of three swales in the Lents neighborhood.
This project began after Green Lents canvassed around the Lents neighborhood and determined what homeowners and neighbors wanted in the area. The swales were an obvious problem—an eyesore serving only one purpose: infiltration.
Green Lents and other homeowners decided that the grassy swales had more potential than that. Not only could these swales support more beauty, but also more life – both flora and fauna - You can help make this happen!

The Green Lents Watershed Team has been an amazing partner to several projects in and around the Lents neighborhood. We have worked with Depave for the St. Mary’s Ethiopian church and helped lead the Johnson Creek Clean Up look for it in late Summer 2014!

Join our board! Green Lents is currently looking to expand our board. The Green Lents board is a working board, meaning that each individual has a part in making Green Lents a success. Please consider joining and honing your skills in the grassroots non-profit world!

If you are interested in joining our team and making a difference!
Contact us: getinvolved@greenlents.org