Oct 4, 2015

Neighborhood Meeting this Wednesday, October 7th 6:30pm Mt. Scott Community Center

Hey Neighbors,
We have our general meeting this Wednesday at 6:30pm at Mt. Scott Community Center. We'll have committee updates on the Arleta Triangle, Land Use, Communications, etc. Volunteers have been busy building a new walls in the Triangle. We hope to have the new walls complete by the end of fall and then we can work on some new native landscaping.

The Mayor has just launched a Residential Infill Stakeholder Advisory Committee and they are seeking input from neighborhoods. We'll be brainstorming Wednesday to send them our neighborhood thoughts on the good, bad, and ugly that we see going on.

Just a reminder that we are always looking for volunteers to help with projects such as the Arleta Triangle or if you have a project in mind for the neighborhood we are here for a resource to help you get started. We are always looking for those you would like to help with neighborhood outreach (newsletter, social media, neighborhood goodies, and parties!). If you have ideas, please share and help us make it happen.

Erika Palmer-Wilson