Nov 9, 2015

Sign Up Now for Neighborhood Tree Planting!

Local non-profit Friends of Trees is still accepting orders for this season's neighborhood tree planting - but not for much longer! Sign up here to get your trees this winter or visit:
Also this year, the city is making possible FREE conifers (y'know the evergreens with cones) for the planting strip in our neighborhood. Sign up to see if you're eligible for free trees! All other street trees are only $35!
This year's planting date is Jan. 16 but sign-ups will be closed soon so don't wait.

Nov 5, 2015

Tree Summit this Saturday - Join your neighborhood Tree Team!

This past summer you may have noticed your neighbors in bright yellow vests walking our streets looking curiously at trees in the public Right-of-Way. "We're tree inventory volunteers," they might have said. This Saturday Nov. 7 at Mt. Scott Community Center is your chance to find out all about what those volunteers were up to and what this year's Urban Forestry Tree Inventory found out. Register here:

Nov 3, 2015

Eat Pie at the Neighborhood Meeting tomorrow (6:30) Mt. Scott Community Center

We are celebrating November with PIE! We are also celebrating the new stone walls at the Arleta Triangle Project and will be discussing what's next. There's more coming. Also, we've been thinking about having a Cider Press Fundraiser later this month. More details tomorrow at the meeting so come get some pie!

November 4, 2015 MSANA Agenda