Nov 5, 2015

Tree Summit this Saturday - Join your neighborhood Tree Team!

This past summer you may have noticed your neighbors in bright yellow vests walking our streets looking curiously at trees in the public Right-of-Way. "We're tree inventory volunteers," they might have said. This Saturday Nov. 7 at Mt. Scott Community Center is your chance to find out all about what those volunteers were up to and what this year's Urban Forestry Tree Inventory found out. Register here:

Join Urban Forestry and your neighbors in Mt. Scott-Arleta, Powellhurst-Gilbert, and Montavilla among others, to explore the results of the 2015 street tree inventories and compare findings among neighborhoods. We will also share the largest trees and most unusual finds. And most importantly, we will begin creating neighborhood tree plans with your guidance and vision. Tree teams, volunteers, neighborhood association members, tree stewards, Friends of Trees coordinators, and neighbors are encouraged to attend, along with anyone interested in crafting a plan and taking action to improve the urban forest.

There are two sessions:  In the morning it's an informational review of the Inventory Findings and other presentations about trees. This is followed by a lunch for those who will help craft our neighborhood Tree Plan. This is where the fun happens so bring your inspiration and passion for trees, birds, clean air, and clean water, and whatever else you love about trees!
Thinking you might want to attend? Download the Agenda
We hope you do come to learn, share, and create a vision for our neighborhood street trees!
Register Here!

And if you just want all the juicy info at your fingertips - our Neighborhood Tree Inventory Report is Available HERE!
For more information about the Tree Inventory Project, visit the Urban Forestry project webpage.

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