Apr 4, 2016

Neighborhood Meeting this Wednesday, April 6th 6:30 pm at MSCC

Hello Neighbors:

We will offer child care this Wednesday and hopefully for upcoming neighborhood meetings as well, if you would like to come. We will need to know one week ahead of time if you need this service and you can email chair.msana@gmail.com.

 We are looking for neighbors who are interested in serving on the board. We will have vacancies this upcoming year -- don't be scared you can do it, and we are or at least try to be fun. If you are interested in serving as the Chair or Co-Chair, Land Use Chair, or at large position, we have plenty of seats at the table. Have idea or a project for the neighborhood, come share!

 We will be discussing the Annual Neighborhood Clean-Up this upcoming Wednesday. Clean-up rules have changed this year and neighborhood coordinators have had concerns. Both Foster-Powell and MSA have decided to not host the clean-up this year due to these changes. Both neighborhoods will be submitting a letter to our partnering agencies (Metro, City of Portland, Southeast Uplift). We will be sending out a list of other clean-ups in the area and we hope to be back at it again next year. Both neighborhoods recognize the many benefits of hosting a clean-up day for neighbors to haul away junk.

Hope to see you Wednesday evening and enjoy the sunshine later this week.


Meghan Humphreys said...

MSANA.Chair@gmail.com is our correct email -- apologies for the incorrect one in the original post above.

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