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To guarantee a response, we recommend you attend one of our neighborhood meetings. Remember, the board of the Neighborhood Association is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization, so sometimes it is very difficult to respond to all inquiries. ~Thanks for understanding.

MSA Board of Directors  (All Volunteers)

Chair: Erika Wilson

Vice Chair: Regan Ransom

Secretary:  Meghan Humphreys

Treasurer: Jed Roberts

Arleta Triangle Rep: Meghan Humphreys

Southeast Uplift Rep: Scott Vala

Land Use Chair: Nicole Green

Sustainability Chair: Jonathan Brandt

Transportation Chair: Marcel Hermans 

At-Large Board Member: Terah Beth B Varga

At-Large Board Member: Dan Portis-Cathers


Office of Neighborhood Involvement 
Crime Prevention Coordinator:  Brad Taylor
Telephone: 503.823.2781
Contact Brad for Information on Neighborhood Watches and Foot patrols.

(Brad is not a board member, but he is an awesome resource for crime prevention for our neighborhood)