Welcome to Mt. Scott-Arleta's Group Page!

Currently our Neighborhood Association Meetings (every first Wednesday of the Month at Mt Scott Community Center) are more general. Being involved in a specific Group is the best way to dig-in to what interests and concerns them you get to work with like-minded folks in your neighborhood.

Please attend a board meeting if you want to be a member in any of the following groups, or if you'd like to make your own group!  

Current Groups:

You can always spear-head your own group... just come to a neighborhood meeting and announce it..
.and then voilĂ , you are on your way!

  • News Team / Communications
    (this group contributes to this website/blog, facebook and the newsletter)
  • Land-Use, Sustainability and Transportation Group
  • Neighborhood Engagement Group (survey group)
  • SE 72nd Avenue as Mainstreet Group
  • Special Projects: -------------------------------


 Some Group Photos: 

Our Happy Block Mural Project

Arleta Triangle Work Party

Our Happy Block Depave Project

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